Dashboard builder for Supabase and Postgres

Supaboard is a open source platform that helps connect data sources to build reporting dashboards quickly. Get answers from your data, segment your users and create automated workflows based on your data.

Dashboards you'll enjoy creating and maintaining

Beautiful charts

Create beautiful charts with a few clicks. Supaboard supports all the most popular chart types.

Finegrained filters

Create finegrained filters to segment your users and data. Supaboard supports all the most popular chart types.

🔥 On the roadmap

Trigger complex workflows

Make use of a powerful workflow engine to trigger complex workflows based on your data. Something changed in your database? Send a Slack message, send an email or trigger a webhook.

"I can't wait to build our reporting dashboard..."

Nobody likes building dashboards, we get it. That's why we built Supaboard.

Our aim is to make it easy to build beautiful dashboards and admin panels. We want to help you get an overview of your data and manage it without the manual work of coding them yourself. If there's anything missing, we'd love to hear from you.

Create the dashboard
you neeed to get the bigger picture

Here's a brief overview of the most important features we've built so far. We're actively working on bringing full admin functionality to Supaboard. Stay tuned.


Connect to databases and reuse the connection throughout the app. Supaboard lets you connect each chart on a single dashboard to a different database, so you can combine data from multiple databases on a single dashboard.

Supaboard application

Spend less time manually building internal dashboards

Get started with Supaboard, connect a data source and build your first reporting dashboards for free.